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Puliyodhrai Rice Paste

Dhideer® Instant Puliyodharai Rice (Tamarind rice) Paste


Puliyodharai in Tamil, Pulihora in Telugu and Puliyogare in Kannada is a perfect blend of sour and spice in oneness of cooked rice offered to our consumers in an Instant Rice mix with a blend of all the ingredients including spices, dhalls, seasonings etc.

Product Description

Directions for Use:  Mix 2 teaspoon (20g approx) of this paste with 1 cup (125g approx) of cooked rice in a clean dry bowl thoroughly and set aside for 2 minutes.  Home style Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice) is ready to serve.  For extra taste garnish with groundnuts or cashew nuts freshly roasted in Gingelly oil and serve.

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