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250g – 777 Garlic Dhall Rice mix

 777 GARLIC DHALL POWDER 250G JAR Weight: 250g 777 Spiced GARLIC dhall powder is nothing but an authentic niche blend of lentils and spices with a tinge of asafoetida dhall powder, when mixed with steamed rice and sesame oil/ghee becomes a great meal.

250g -777 Dhideer (Instant) Rasam Mix

Take 2 cups (300ml) of water. Add cut pieces of 3 tomato fruits and 2 teaspoon full of 777 Dhideer® (Instant) Rasam Mix. Now, boil this content for 5 minutes with constant stirring. Hot Rasam is ready to serve for 4 people.


(i) You may add chopped coriander leaves as a garnishing before serving.

(ii) To have it like a soup directly you may increase the quantity of water and to mix it with cooked rice and have you may slightly reduce the quantity of water.

(iii) Add minced garlic of 5 to 6 cloves to get hot Garlic Rasam.

250g -777 Dhideer (Instant) Sambar Mix

“Ready in 5 Minutes”

(a) No need for pressure cooking dhalls.

(b) No need for tamarind squeezing.

(c) No stabilizers or emulsifiers or colour or preservatives of any kind added.

250g -777 Dhideer® (Instant) Rice Puliyodharai Mix

       (i) Heat ¼ measure of 777 gingelly oil in frying pan.

       (ii) Add ½ measure of 777 Dhideer® (Instant) Rice Puliyodharai Mix and stir for 2 minutes in a low flame.

       (iii) Now mix with 6 measures of cooked rice and serve hot.

777 Amla Pickle 300g

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