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It was in the year 1933, when the first business was promoted by Mr.R.S.N.Iyer and Mr.R.S.G.Iyer, with the commencement of a restaurant in Madras in the name and style of Hotel Sri Rama Bhavan. The restaurant's fame made it as part in the entire city of Chennai by producing hot Idli with mouth-watering Cocunut chutney which is relished by everyone......

The promoters then wanted to diversify into processed foods when they started the manufacturing of varieties of Pickles, Masala powders, Instant food mixes, Vathals, Vadams, etc. Initially, during the early stages all the 777 products were sold in the retail counter of the restaurant only. Years rolled-by and as of today all the range of 777 products are available throughout the world. Our products are being exported to countries like United States , Singapore , Malaysia , Dubai , Australia and other parts of the world both directly as well as through merchant exporters...more

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