Instant Culinary Pastes


777 Ginger Garlic Paste is a direct substituent for farm fresh Ginger & Garlic. Just scoop out required quantity of this paste and use it at the same stage of cooking where you normally use ginger and garlic. The strong distinctive flavor and aroma of fresh ground ginger & garlic makes all your dishes delicious.


Available in : 300g


777 Tamarind Paste is the ready-to-use cooking paste made hygienically in our state-of-the out factory from the fruit of hand picked ripe tamarind grown in the southern states of India.

777 Brand Instant Tamarind Paste (Extract) is a direct substituent for tamarind. It is very handy for the preparation of Sambar, Rasam, Pulihora, Chutney, Soups, Stews and the like dishes. It is convenient, economical and ready to use.

Available in : 300g