250g -777 Dhideer (Instant) Sambar Mix


“Ready in 5 Minutes”

(a) No need for pressure cooking dhalls.

(b) No need for tamarind squeezing.

(c) No stabilizers or emulsifiers or colour or preservatives of any kind added.

Take 2 cups (300ml) of water.  Add cut pieces of 2 tomato fruits, cut pieces of 1 medium sized potato and 2 teaspoon full of 777 Dhideer® (Instant) Sambar Mix. Now boil this content for 5 minutes with constant stirring. Hot Dhideer Sambar is ready to serve for 4 people.


(i) You may increase or decrease the quantity of the Dhideer Sambar mix in case you want the sambar more spicy or less spicy respectively.

(ii) You may add one chopped big onion or 8 to 10 pealed small onions along with tomatoes.

(iii) You may also add boiled vegetables of your choice like ladies finger, raddish, capsicum, drum-stick and others optionally.